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  • ConveyingTo consolidate different material at one point, the material has to be conveyed out of a weigher or container.Get more
  • GravimetricOur products are an integral component of a sucessful and low cost extrusion process for manufacturing of pipes, profiles, films and sheets.Get more
  • MixEspecially upon its complex material- and quantity differences, the mixing of extrusion material becomes very important.Get more
  • UltrasonicWith our know-how we are the market leader for measuring in the hot zone and we can influence your extrusion process already just after the start-up.Get more
  • SoftwareODAS is a system which acquires data from ConPro ultrasonic and gravimetric devices and stores these data in a central database. Stored data can be retrieved and browsed to generate customizable reports. Get more

ConPro - as hightech company ...

Since more than 30 years the ConPro is known as a worldwide operating company for trend-setting Measuring- and Control Engineering in Plastic Extrusion Market. By using technical know-how and appropriate ideas, our experts are developing systems and solutions, exactly synchronized to the special requirements of Pipe-, Profile-, Cable, Sheet- and Foil Extrusion.

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