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GraviCon 3000 KTW Equipment

Complementary products for our volumetric dosing units, as soon as neck piece, level indicator, etc.

Neck piece

Neck pieces are constructed upon quantity of the components and the throughput of each component. They are build from stainless steel and aluminum. Connections, which are not used for components are closed by acrylic windows, which are useable as inspections glasses.


Adapter are useable as cutting point between dosing system and Extruder. Several executions, rigid and flexible, with- or without integrated quick discharge/ shutoff are available.

Level indicator

The Level indicator enables a certain process scan by the means of high- and low-level indicator. Indicators are used at single components but at multi component dosing stations, also.
By operating test series with your sample material, we are able to find the right one for your purposes.

Material quick discharge

For quick discharge of the system, adapted to the implementation of material. Several applications are available.


Useable for filtering powder and granulate. Continuous assurance of filter function by existing, adjustable self purification cycle.

Activation of the transportation

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