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ConPro SCADA System ConPro devices consolidated (ODAS)

ODAS is a system which acquires data from ConPro ultrasonic and gravimetric devices and stores these data in a central database. Stored data can be retrieved and browsed to generate customizable reports

The system is capable of monitoring all ConPro Ethernet connected devices directly; systems without an Ethernet port can be connected via an interface converter. A visual client gives you all information you need.

  • Data collection of ConPro DAQ devices

  • High stability and robustness in rugged environment

  • Simple visualisation and navigation of acquired data

  • Monitoring, performance analysis and quality control of processes and products

  • Flexible configuration of the system due to a module-based design

  • Use of high performance third party components

  • Capable to integrate seamlessly in existing IT infrastructure

  • Easy to learn & configurable report generation (report drafts)

  • Multitier architecture

  • Fast data storage and retrieval

  • Long term availability of data in database

  • Multi language support

  • Accelerated learning curve for operators through smart GUI design

You have the choice:

The future-proof and modular design gives you the choice to select and arrange the system in the way you really need it. You can extend the functionality according to your growing assignments/ tasks.

Bridge the gap between ConPro devices and your existing ERP/MES/SCADA Systems by using advanced connector and database technology. ODAS integrates seamlessly in your existing company network.

Use the strength of the underlying relational database system. Interface the storage system by ODBC and connect to your database and office infrastructure.

The sophisticated visual client gives you information at your fingertips. All the information you need by one application. The client is an application installable on every windows system (XP and above).

What you can expect:

Raise the level of transparency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your extrusion process using the dashboard, monitoring and charting functions of ODAS client.

Spot in your production by using the build- in KPI and SPC quality control functions.

Generate reports with the integrated report engine and customize it on your own demands by an easy to learn report designer.

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