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GraviCon 3000 Equipment

Supplementary products to the volumetric dosing devices, as well as vacuum and spiral conveyor technology, etc.

Vacuum conveyors

We use vacuum conveyors, for example, to convey materials from a material container on the ground, into the machine hopper. We only use devices from leading manufacturers.

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are used to convey poor flowing and dust-bearing materials.

Sampling slider

A sampling slider is used to mechanically decouple a secondary component from the production process so that a material sample is removed. A volume test or flow rate determination can be carried out at the same time here.

Magnetic separator

The device is used to separate materials contaminated by metal pieces in the extrusion procedure. It is installed above the material inlet of extruders, scales or dosing devices.

Clean air filter (jet filter)

The jet filter is used to filter dry bulky goods: e.g. powder. It reduces the maintenance effort.

MHs (machine hoppers)

Machine hoppers are used as interim storage mediums. They are filled by conveyor devices or manually. The machine hoppers are placed directly on a dosing device.

VB-R (machine hopper with agitator)

Machine hoppers with agitators are used on dosing devices, type: GraviCon 3000 CP-D (for poorly flowing materials).


Racks are required to support entire systems or system parts.

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