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GraviCon 3000 CP-D

Volumetric dosing unit for poorly flowing material.
Volumetric dosing units of the GraviCon 3000 CP-D series are especially designed for extrusion and allow the conveying of poorly flowing materials as pellets, mill material, powder, calcium carbonate, dry-blend mixtures, etc.

The housings have a solid design and are made of stainless steel No. 1.4301. The conveying spirals are exchangeable and can be adapted to material type and feed rate.

Due to a special sealing and positioning of conveying 2 spirals towards drive motor, material leakage at drive side of drive motor is not possible.

The unit allows quick and easy disassembling and cleaning. For this process the drive component including 2 spirals can be moved outside the housing.

AC motors are generally equipped with separate frequency converter.

  • Simple mechanical design
  • Nearly 100% screw filling level
  • Recipe changing without tools
  • Low maintenance
  • External motor – no bulk material heating
  • High throughput range
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

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