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Measuring sleeves / Adjustable calibration sleeves / Calibration sleeves

The Idea about a simple adjustment technology has released a revolutionized processing in calibration sleeve construction. The adjustment technology is useable for small and big calibration sleeves.

ConPro has developed conventional and adjustable calibration sleeves for the extrusion market. Our wide product range is a guarantee for fulfilling the demands of pipe production. Especially the inlet area which is of great importance for the production can be adjusted very easily to the production conditions.

The ROTEC cooling has been implemented as an innovation. By this type of cooling the heat is discharged much more effective. In connection with the inlet lubrication the ROTEC cooling produces a constant water film which minimizes deposits and quality problems. The red bronze alloy chosen by ConPro has proved to be very abrasion-resistant. The feature of our adjustable calibration sleeves is a profound and patented mechanics. Even under difficult conditions (aggressive cooling medium) there is no occurence of wear or blockings. For changing the diameter it is not necessary to reduce the vacuum.

  • Adjustment can be done without reducing the vacuum
  • Wide adjustment range approx. 3 – 6%, depending on material
  • Two-piece sleeve, Rotec- intensive cooling in the entry (incl. capacity increase)
  • Easy re-setting by a digital indication
  • Wide diameter range available from 16 up to 1200mm
  • Automatic diameter regulation with the ConPro ultrasonic diameter measuring
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

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