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GraviCon 3000 S-KTW

Funnel weigher, working according to the “loss-in-weight” principle, are designed for all free-flowing plastic materials.

GraviCon 3000 S-KTW funnel weigher is used in production of plates, tubes and profiles. It is hard to imagine as production hall without our weigher in the application of weighing free-flowing material (PVC powder, ground material, master batches, etc.). The continuous measurement is based on the loss-in-weight principle.

The high measurement precision is achieved by a material-optimized input and output geometry. This reduces measurement interruptions to a minimum. The platform load cell, stored in a robust absorption, prevents the weighing container from swinging out.

Compact structure of the individual components allows the design of low structural heights. The GraviCon 3000 S-KTW fulfills today’s demands for quick, simple and safe handling of the systems during production and cleaning.

  • High precision
  • Excellent operational safety
  • Simple cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Optimal processing
  • Large volume compensation
  • Neck piece
  • Adapter
  • Level indicator
  • Quick discharge
  • Jet filter
  • Conveyor control

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