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GraviCon 3000 M-KTW

Multi-component dosing stations, working according to the “loss-in-weight” principle and are designed for all free-flowing plastic materials.

The GraviCon 3000 M-KTW version combines multi funnel weigher, integrated at one control. This configuration is useable for mixing two or more materials, which are finally processed into a composite material.

To consolidate free flowing and bad flowing material to homogeneous the correct combination of different funnel weigher have to be realized.
Regulation of the single components is practicable centrally, intelligible and uncomplicated.

  • High precision
  • Excellent operational safety
  • Simple cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Optimal processing
  • Large volume compensation
  • Neck piece
  • Adapter
  • Level indicator
  • Quick discharge
  • Jet filter
  • Conveyor control

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