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Integrated, continuous gravimetric weighing system (GraviCon 3000 S/M-KTW-S)

For weighing and dosing of poorly flowing materials. The GraviCon 3000 S/M-KTW-S Model is suitable for weighing of poorly flowing materials, such as regrind, fibers, wood chips, and powder with high ratio of fillers.

Especially new materials used in extrusion technology as regrind, fibers, chips and power with fillers, are not process able by conventional weighing systems which is due to material deposits and bridging of the material.

To prevent stops in material flow and production interruptions, the weighing system GraviCon 3000 S/M-KTW-S has been configured and designed. The integration of ConPro gravimetric gives a good possibility for rapid records of apparent density fluctuation, which are a normal feature of the above mentioned materials. The system is useable as replacement unit for an already installed version and also as a complete new system. The disposed materials of the components, as stainless steel and aluminum, and the modern AC drive confirm the long lifetime of the system. Continuous material flow and constant feeding rates will be guaranteed by integrated agitator (mixer), which provides a barrier free supply and a filled downstream area, permanently. The unit weight will be measured by a platform load cell and the material throughput will be calculated by loss-in-weight control.

  • Simple mechanical design
  • Low wear and low maintenance
  • High output range
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio
  • Neck piece
  • Adapter
  • Level indicator
  • Quick discharge
  • Jet filter
  • Conveyor control

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