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For production of large diameter-pipes Efficient production-start based on early measuring values

The SoniCon SL / MA-Z (measuring arm system) enables a faster and therefore more economical start-up process for the production of thick-walled large-diameter pipes. With the SoniCon-SL / MA-Z, ultrasonic sensors take over the hitherto dicult and time-consuming measuring of the wall thickness distribution. By means of pneumatics these are delivered to the respective pipe diameter. The advantage for the system operator: He can immediately center the pipe on the tool.

The measuring system is integrated in the system. The rst possible measuring point are measuring arms xed to the calibration sleeve. Retrotting in the vacuum tank and for existing calibration sleeves is also possible. The usual seal replacement is eliminated. With a measuring range for pipe diameters of 125 mm upwards, the SoniCon-SL / MA-Z covers a wide range of applications. It is characterized by easy handling in practice. After the line start, the ultrasonic sensors are pneumatically attached to the tube and the measurement of the high-resolution ultrasound electronics begins. For immediate evaluation of the measurement, the results are graphically displayed on a 15-inch touchscreen. Here we measured as standard with 8 or 16 sensors. Possible dierences in the wall thickness distribution are immediately recognizable. The result of the early control: A tube can be measured shortly after the calibration sleeve, centered and starting scrap can be signicantly reduced. The SoniCon-SL / MA-Z will pay for itself within a few months.

  • Faster retraction of the line at Production startTimest measurement
  • Wide measuring range: 125 mm - mm
  • No seal change
  • Use at dierent measuring positions
  • Resource-saving and fast amortization
  • Self-sucient water supply, not in a vacuum
  • Safety shutdown on water, compressed air or voltage drop

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