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SoniCon – SL / MRR

Measuring – Inspection – Monitoring with ultrasonic in extrusion
SoniCon SL / MRR is a static ultrasonic measuring, inspection and regulation system for control of extruded pipes, hoses and cables made of plastic.

SoniCon SL / MRR is a multi applicable ultrasonic measuring and inspection system to control and regulate the production of hoses, cable and pipes (up to Ø 110 mm). The system is flange mounted downstream from the vacuum resp. cooling tank or it is integrated in a water tank.

The measuring is done with static arranged ultrasonic sensors. Measuring parameters are wall thickness, excentricity, inner diameter, outer diameter and ovality. The monitoring and measuring of plastic pipes cables and hoses is done with ultrasonic. Standard measuring with 6 sensors.

The measuring chamber type SoniCon SL / MRR is flange mounted to the back side of the vacuum resp. cooling tank. As an alternative the installation inside the water tank is possible also. For the sealing and guiding of various products a set of sealings is necessary. The sensors are fixed in the working position.

  • Compact
  • Parts with water contact are of red bronze or stain less steel
  • Short changeover time
  • No moving elements
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Change of operating position
  • Guidance roller
  • Autarkic water supply
  • Enhanced water tank
  • Mobile, mounted on a base frame
  • 4 or 8 Sensors

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