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Measuring – Inspection – Monitoring with ultrasonic in plastic pipe extrusion.
SoniCon-SL/MRT is the measuring and inspection system for full process control.

The overlapping ultrasonic sensors in segmental design guarantee a 100% monitoring for error checking and pipe measuring.

Monitoring and measuring of plastic pipes by ultrasonic. The basis of this measuring system are segment sensors which are mounted in a cycle around the pipe. The complete ultrasonic checking of the pipes’ surface and the measuring of the pipes is done via the overlapping design of the sensors. The described measuring system has been proved worthwhile in the daily routine. We provide it under the product name: SoniCon-SL/MRT. Standard measuring with 12 sensors.

  • No moving elements
  • Wear and maintanance free
  • Wide working range
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Very short changeover time (no exchange of measuring- rings)
  • Available up to DN 630 mm
  • The working range of an MRT measuring and inspection unit is covered with one sensor head configuration.
  • Uninterrupted and uniform ultrasonic surface sensing
  • Automatic ultrasonic calibration: Audika
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • autarkic water supply
  • guidance roller
  • mobile, mounted on a base frame
  • 16 Sensors

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