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SoniCon – SL / MV

Measuring – Inspection – Monitoring with ultrasonic in plastic pipe extrusion.
SoniCon SL / MV is a worldwide approved ultrasonic measuring and inspection system for the control of pipes in hot area.

The measuring is carried out with static ultrasonic sensors behind the calibration sleeve. This technique is very efficient for the quality assurance and saving of material.

At the measuring position the extruded plastic pipe has a very equal temperature distribution which is ideal for the ultrasonic signal evaluation. Standard measuring with 8 sensors.

The measuring chamber type MV is flange mounted at the front side of the vacuum tank. The adapter which supports the calibration sleeve can be swivelled and corresponds to the length of the calibration sleeve.

The threaded flange of the calibration sleeve has the dimensions of the vacuum tank flange in order to allow the use of already existing calibration sleeves without any rebuilding. The sensor tubes are required for centering of the measuring ring that defines the water distance.

During production the plastic pipe will be guided by Measuring ring. Measuring ring is fixed around the pipe by sensor tubes. A separate water supply ensures the laminar surface wash and the water start-up length.The silicon seals offer a high lifetime. Easy change of dimensions is possible without using tool kit. A special design of the measuring rings protects the silicon seals during start-up.

  • The perfect start-up aid e.g. for pipe centering
  • Very low changeover time
  • Fast regulation
  • High resolution in hot plastic
  • Easy handling
  • Saving of material
  • No moving elements
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • Available up to dimension DN 630 mm
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio
  • Completely made of red bronze or stain less steel
  • Stainless steel flange
  • 4 or 6 sensors

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