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The electronics SoniCon together with the ultrasonic measuring mechanics forms a surveying quality control system for plastic pipes.

Depending on the job denition, the measuring mechanics are combined with the electronics. Based on latest industrial technology with high-resolution, digital ultrasonics as well as sophisticated software, we supply an easy handled and user friendly system.

Especially for safety-relevant products, like gas pipes, a 100% dimension control can be executed with the measuring chamber MRT. For quick reaction, short production orders as well, and fast start-up we prefer a measuring and regulation in the hot area with the product series MV. SoniCon is integrated in automations of extrusion lines by interfaces. In particular the combination of ultrasonic (SoniCon) and gravimetric (GraviCon) can be reach savings up to 10% while keeping the dimension limits.

  • Wall thickness
  • Diameter
  • Eccentricity
  • Ovality
  • Production errors
  • Thin point
  • Diameter by vacuum or calibration sleeve
  • Thermal head centering
  • Trace tracking / scrap / marking
  • Self-explanatory operator guidance
  • Recipe handling
  • Process parameter
  • Multilingual
  • User management
  • Trends / Report`s
  • Alarm handling
  • Event Report
  • Logging on higher-level systems

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